Thank you for choosing RockItCoin! You will need to create a profile when you transact at the kiosk for the first time. Here are the walk through steps on creating a profile successfully. 

Step 1:

Press Buy Coins to get started.

Step 2:
Select the amount to purchase. (In this scenario we will select the third tier)

Step 3:

Enter your phone number, this will create your profile in the system.

Step 4:

Once you enter your phone number, the system will send you an SMS code via text. Insert that 5 digit code into the screen to continue.

Step 5:

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully, they are there for your protection to make sure you are being safe at the time of your transaction.

Step 6; 

Take a photo of your ID. The ATM will display an outline to align your ID to. The camera at the ATM is located on top of the ATM screen (the black bar). Bring up your ID to the camera and once you see that it's aligned to the outline and it's in focus, press "Enter" to take a snapshot of the ID. 

If the photo displayed is blurry, or it was the photo of your face, you can press "Take another snapshot!" to retake the photo of your ID.

If the photo displays the full ID and is not blurry, then press "Save photo & continue"

After you submit the photo of your ID your application will be reviewed by one of our Customer Service representatives. This is a manual process and once approved you will receive a text message to let you know you are all set to complete your transaction at the ATM.

After your ID is approved, you will need to go back to the machine to complete your registration. 

Repeat Steps 1-3 (At this point the photo of your ID will be registered on your profile and you will not need to take the photo again)

Step 7:
Create a PIN

Step 8:
Enter your Email.

Congratulations! Your profile is complete! From here the next screen to follow will be to select the coin you would like to purchase. You can view  how to complete a purchase at the ATM here.