When you are trying to "Withdraw Cash" from a RockItCoin ATM what you are truly doing is selling RockItCoin cryptocurrency for cash.


We'll walk you through this process in 8 steps.


Step 1:

Select “Withdraw Cash”


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Step 2:

Select the range your transaction falls under. (For this example, we selected $20-$750)

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Step 3:


Enter your phone number. Be sure to read the warning displayed.


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Step 4:

Enter your secret PIN. (New users: You will now create your secret PIN)


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Step 5:

Select the coin you wish to transact. (For this example, we selected “Bitcoin”)


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Step 6:

Select the amount you wish to withdraw. If the specific amount is not visible, select “Other” and enter the desired amount. (For this example, we selected “$20”)


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Step 7:

On the screen you will see our wallet’s QR code. Using your digital wallet app, scan the code and send the funds for your withdrawal.


DISCLAIMER: DO NOT scan the QR Code below, it is just being used as an example.





If you are using the RockItCoin app, to navigate to your Bitcoin wallet select “BTC” for Bitcoin in the "Wallets" screen. If you are not using the RockItCoinX app, you may continue to Step 8.


Next, press "Send" followed by “Scan” and your phone’s camera will open allowing you to scan the QR Code on the ATM screen.



Once you scan the QR code, the application will automatically prefill the information needed to complete your withdrawal (the wallet address and the required amount needed). This part is important, make sure to slide the green arrow to the left to fund your withdrawal.


TIP: DO NOT modify the amount displayed on this page, the RockItCoin ATM will automatically generate the amount needed to fund your transaction including the fees.

Step 8:

Once you have sent the funds, you must wait for your transaction to go through one confirmation cycle. This is typically within a few minutes depending on the blockchain congestion.


You will be notified via text message when your transaction is available to be Redeemed at the ATM. To redeem, you may use the Redemption Code included in the text message or the Redemption Code displayed on your receipt.

Congratulations and thank you for choosing RockItCoin!