How To Backup Your Bitcoin Wallet


In this section, we are going to go over how to back up your Bitcoin wallet that you created.This is extremely important. If you were to lose your phone without backing up your wallet you run the risk of losing your Bitcoin!


You will need your password for this process. 
It will not help if you already forgot your password.

This will walk you through the steps of backing up your Edge wallet. This process involves you adding recovery questions to your account. Make sure that you know what you type EXACTLY as they are case sensitive. Beyond this you may want to write down your username and password down and keep it somewhere secure.

Step 1:

Open your Edge wallet on your smart phone and click on the menu on the top left of your screen.


Step 2:

Next, select "Options". This will take you to another page which is the Account home screen.


Step 3:

You will need to Unlock your account


Step 4:

Now the Account is unlocked and you can add Password Recovery


Step 5:

From here there you can select two recovery questions. You answers are CASE SENSITIVE

Now Just make sure to Click "Save"



Congrats! You have successfully backed up your Bitcoin Wallet.